The hiring process of any company is rarely a one-time event. And the higher the complexity of the establishment, the greater is the hassle to put together a recruiting team. As your company evolves and grows, maintaining an effective human resources department that scales in relation to the size of your employee base can become a challenge. Outsource some or all of your Human Resource operation’s requirements to Infinium and spend more time and resources focusing on core business processes. We have that team ready for you to find the right candidate who will fit into your job description effortlessly. Whether it is an urgent requirement, contractual need or a mass recruitment drive, we are your brand to outsource your hiring process. Infinium employs data-driven and research-oriented strategies to direct only the skilled professionals to your brand. It prioritises your business goals and ambitions and filters candidates based on those mandates. For all your HR outsourcing requirements, irrespective of its scale, think Infinium Associates for we possess the aptitude and expertise to match your workforce expectations.

At Infinium Associates We Help bring talent and opportunity together to make sure that our clients generate the maximum rewards from our association. One of our highly sought-after services is the Human Resource Outsourcing service which helps our clients meet their temporary and urgent personnel requirements in an efficient manner. We have a ready data bank of qualified personnel with their background and reference checks done. It makes them readily employable in any position that you want and ensure that your work does not suffer for want of quality personnel. Whether you have requirement for blue-collar workers or white-collar workers, we offer complete solutions for your organisation that have been customized to match your requirements.

We have catered to requirements of our clients working across diverse sectors such as: – Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction & Facilities. We have helped numerous clients of ours, working across diverse sectors with their high-quality personnel requirements. Our consultants are highly experienced and have been working in the region for last many years.

They possess a perfect understanding of the quality of talent required for a particular position and perform an immaculate job that will ensure your satisfaction. All the personnel we provide are legalised employees who hold active Visas and Labour cards and adhere to all Ministry of Labour standards and regulations, so you can employ them with complete peace of mind. They will remain under your control while we handle their HR and payroll requirements.

Our outsourcing staffing services are an excellent option, if you do not want to undergo the hassle of retaining a full-time employee or need the workforce for a short duration only. With our customized plans you get access to highly skilled personnel at a short notice and thus can ensure the smooth functioning of your business functions. The trust that our clients have placed in us over the years has managed us to reach the position that we are in today. For any contractual staffing or HR outsourcing requirements that you may have, Infinium Associates is just a call away.