Market Intelligence

Market intelligence in the HR scope includes the use of appropriate tools and technology to enable you to make data-driven decisions while hiring workforce. Over the years, Infinium Associates has developed a rich database of skilled personnel, specific to all major sectors, using which we streamline the right candidates to your brand with supreme accuracy of scientifically collected market data. Under the umbrella of market intelligence services, Infinium Associates can help you with:

Compensation Benchmarking

Without a competitive salary structure, businesses face a problem to attract and retain top talent. Decide the right salaries for your future executives that are both standard and enticing purely based on precise data-driven results. Infinium Associates help clients design, develop and deliver effective employee incentive programs based on the present market scenario.

Talent Mapping

Infinium’ s Talent Mapping Services are designed to assist clients to be proactive in preparing for future employments. Have a pool of talented candidates ready to join your workforce at any moment filtered with the help of industry-specific data mapping and its segmentation. This is a custom-made solution for clients that simplifies decision making for confidential recruitment and planning for current /future projects.

Reference Checks

Hire only those candidates with verified backgrounds where the checks happen through a holistic analysis of past performances and necessary credentials. This focuses on identifying In depth qualitative insights about the recruits’ previous performance & reputation mere verification of credentials, it is done in a very confidential, honest and unbiased manner and in turn thus facilitates right hiring decisions.