Board Services

The chase for skilled ground-level employees is taxing enough.

One can only imagine what the struggle for finding an adept Board can be like!

The board structure of any organization is paramount to its functioning, efficiency, and swift decision-making. Over the last several decades, optimum boardroom practices have held major weight to direct organizations. These have been instrumental for survival and progress in a cut-throat environment. Board members earlier were appointed based on their technical skills. Today, board members, directors, and senior leaders like CEO, CFO, CTO, and CMO clearly demand more. Active leadership, robust decision-making, personal accountability, and several other personality traits are a must for anyone in a senior executive position.

Infinium Associates channels exceptional talent to top businesses and brings a way for you to establish and source a strong boardroom. We facilitate this with active senior executive searching, hiring great talents, and consequently improve the company board in the long run. We offer minute scrutiny and steady work to help you find the most capable and best set of board directors to relay a long-lasting impact on the organization.


Our Board Services

i.Board Talent Sourcing – Efficiency, Effectiveness and Skills

While searching for different board officials for your organization, our strategy is to look for a Board members constituency that is efficient, effective, and skilled in their respective fields of expertise. We look for flexible and broad-minded candidates that are prepared to hold their seat in the boardroom.

Through these, we help find a match that is well suited to operate and govern through your Corporate Board. In addition to these, we also extend advanced services such as market benching for a more thorough approach. We find you executives who can take the brand forward and let your business shine as an industry leader.

ii. Efficient and Effective Hiring – Robust Consultancy

A qualified Board doesn’t suffice if it cannot stand to be effective through the changing corporate landscape in the years to come. We center our goal to determine board members’ candidacy based on the expanding industry requirements. The potential for innovation and flexibility for the future of the organization is also considered.

We hire for specific board positions after looking for skills in leadership, risk management, and creativity. We also look for other decision-making requirements. Our services also extend valuable insights for the best hires for your organization.

iii. Consultancy – Hiring the best leaders

The captain of the ship takes on challenges and makes decisions for the better or, the worse. Our Board Director Consultancy is focused on finding board directors who are adept at facing challenges and comply with diverse board members and issues. They should also present accountability for all business decisions. Our consultancy and approach operate to develop a board director hiring strategy based on your organization’s requirements and structure.

From the most complex of organizations to new-age startups and innovative companies, our consultants work towards finding the right directorial candidate. We implement active competitive analysis, salary benchmarking, and talent mapping for the role. We also extend hiring services for Board Directors and other leading positions in the company.

Our Expertise and Partnerships

With a consolidated expertise for  over 35 years of experience, Infinium Associates is a premium name for workforce acquisition, consultancy, and mobility solutions. Infinium Associates highly values confidentiality and an ethical operation. We resonate with the ethics, diversity, and dynamic skillsets required on a Board. We believe in a Board that is to lead and build winning businesses. Infinium Associates runs candidates through several filters and requirements. Thus, we drive a robust Board Composition for organizations of all sizes across industries.

We have our presence and collaborations with esteemed partners across Asia, MENA, and Europe.

This helps us optimize our precise filtering and deep understanding of your business model for board governance solutions.