Overcoming the Challenges of Hiring Blue Collared Workforce

Blue-collared workers are the backbone of any manufacturing, construction, warehousing, or logistics industry. Blue-collar workers are highly skilled human resources employed to provide physical and skilled services to the organization. However, if an organization fails to identify the right fit and rightly qualified candidates for blue-collared jobs, it may face a compromised situation of increased costs and decreased productivity. To diminish such circumstances, partnering with an experienced Blue-collared hiring agency makes sense.

Challenges of Hiring BlueCollared Workers

The blue-collar workforce is sometimes assumed to be non-skilled laborers who are easy to find and recruit for the company.However, the fact is they require a specific skillset that perfectly matches the job profile and this creates the biggest challenge for an organization to find them.If an organization fails to deploy the rightly skilled laborers for various tasks, it may raise the labor costs, decrease productivity, and increase the idle time or result in higher attrition rates.

In the Gulf countries, where most of the workforce are migrants, searching for the right skills may become a monumental task.As per the figures published in IMF, 2013, 56% of the total blue-collared workers in Saudi are immigrants.So, if you are not utilizing the services of  a specialized bluecollared employment agency you might end up facing below mentioned challenges:

  • Lack of Information

The organization’s may find it difficult to resource the skilled laborers primarily because of the lack of information about the opportunities amongst the aspirants.No specialized job portals or platforms specifically provide information about hiring blue-collared workers.Most of the time, the workers do not have easy access to computers or laptops or even the basic knowledge to search for related information.

  • Difficulty in Skill Evaluation

It is often the biggest challenge for a company’s HR to analyze the skills of the blue-collared worker on specific scales.They are recruited based on verbal communications,where most of the time agree to any work given.It becomes complicated to spend time and expertise in skill evaluation for the HR  who is already loaded with other responsibilities like hiring white-collared employees, employee engagement,payroll,comp & benefits etc.

  • Bearing Employment Costs

Recruitment of blue-collared employees is not a simple task. A company will have to bear high employment costs from posting ads, managing recruitment drives, holding campaigns, managing all the paperwork, etc.This is a time-consuming process and increases the costs for the business.An expertbluecollar placement agency can significantly help in this regard.They are proficient and possess specialized knowledge and techniques to hire the rightly skilled laborers without burdening you with excessive procedures.

  • Managing Attrition

There are several reasons for employee turnover; however, if a company hires unskilled labor or workers not fit for performing the given tasks, the attrition may increase at an astronomical rate.The reason is that when the workers cannot perform tasks, they may be deprived of additional benefits from the company and may leave their jobs to hold another opportunity. Here, managing attrition may become another big challenge and a company might face losses.

How Does A Professional Recruitment Agency Help Your Business?

A bluecollar recruitment agency can assist in many ways in reducing the challenges of hiring skilled human resources for the manufacturing, Oil & Gas,Automobile,Facilities,Construction,Agriculture,Mining industries that require Blue collared staff to handle specific jobs.These agencies are experts in eliminating the skills gaps by using an array of tested recruitment methods and techniques.

Therefore, if you own a business in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and looking for  an experienced Blue-Collar recruitment agency they can help you with:

  • Reduction in Labor Costs

In association with a specialized blue-collar recruitment agency, you can observe a substantial reduction in labor costs.You need not incur expenses on recruitment processes and can save a considerable amount while reducing the burden of excessive paperwork and other formalities.

  • Adequately tested on the requisite skill sets

Excluding some most of the time, the blue-collar workers in some cases do not hold any degree, certificates, or professional qualifications to prove their skills.Therefore it becomes challenging for a company’s HR to scale their competencies.Thus a proficient bluecollar recruitment agencyis of great help to businesses here.They source the candidates from a relevant talent pool and take reasonable responsibility for recruiting rightly skilled staff to perform the specified tasks.

  • OnDemand Staffing Solutions

Whether you own a seasonal business or are running a locational project where you need a temporary blue-collar workforce, a competent staffing solutions agency can help you with all your human resource fulfillment needs.A specialized blue-collar agency possesses a detailed database of skilled and semi-skilled workers ready to be deployed per your business needs and requirements.

  • ThirdParty Hiring

On an estimate, a high percentage of the blue-collar workers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle-east are expatriates.Therefore, the company owners do not want to indulge in rigorous formalities and paperwork while deploying the workforce.Here comes the need for an expert third-party hiring solution provider.A recognized blue-collar agency is responsible for all the hiring formalities right from scratch.It offers the best outcomes in the form of lowered attrition and higher productivity.

  • Expert Solutions

The hiring agencies, which specialize in the recruitment of blue-collar workers, offer expert solutions to the organizations and various institutions that seek the hiring of skilled and semi-skilled laborers. They understand the business demands and offer cost-effective solutions by providing a trained and job-qualified workforce. They also take up the responsibility of reference checks and other formalities and curtail the burden of the organization.

Blue-collar workers hire firm is a specialized entity that provides full-fledged services to the organizations, and the company owner is simply responsible for paying for the services opted for. Infinium Associates is a globally recognized, renowned, and specialized staffing agency. We offer seamless hiring solutions and are known as the experts within the  blue-collared recruiting space in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, and many other countries in the Eastern Europe.

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