The Client:

A leading Oil & Gas player having business presence across India,KSA,Brazil,UK,Bahrain and UAE. With worldwide operations and a workforce of over 6000+ employees.
The Process:

The process was to hire the employees manually one by one after creating a master list. Then the data was further escalated to the internal technical system for code

Creating the master data was a tedious and long activity spanning for 3 days

The average time band was around 30-4O minutes for completion of each hire including the list creation in the internal data base. The time for hiring’s of 100 mandates in the organization would take 100*35 min = 3500 minutes.

The challenges:
As we were dealing with a large number of workforce requirement the operational challenges were immense across the below factors like:

Time frame – In a normal scenario it would take more than 3 weeks for the completion of resource hiring

Accuracy – Mass Hiring manually is a tedious task along with a strong possibility of duplicate entries & errors due to human intervention

Cost – Engaging more resources and time consumption meant higher costs

All the above led to overall dissatisfaction & delay

Infinium’s approach:
The issue was internally identified by our- HR team. The core objective was to get away with the manual process and bring in automation in the process to waive off the challenges and to escalate the level efficiency and minimize the required time frame. Meetings and discussions were held within the department and the process flow and the deadlines were finalized with two major tools after doing a multiple level of successful testing namely:

Bulk Hiring – This tool helps in uploading the huge amount of data in the internal systems in one go.

Multi Position creation – Helping in creating the positions in bulk.

Throughout the course of assignment Infinium accelerated and facilitated the process by providing guidance on underlying process and then advance and developed the solution.

The Solution :

Eliminating the manual hiring process with an effective automation for which the process flow was as under:

Data received from the entity – Master List creation – Evaluation,checks & uploading of the accumulated data – Automatic hiring Code generation

Proactive participation and engagement of all team heads made the process and exercise smooth resulting in overcoming the challenges.

The Outcome:
The entire exercise was seamlessly executed. Teams completely took the ownership for the assignment making it smooth sail for the client and their requirements alike with an smooth and timely completion.
The automation helped and succeeded into internal control resulting into:

Accelerated and improved Turnaround time

Smooth transition

Impeccable customer experience

Excellent data accuracy without human intervention

System generated codes

Cost Effective execution