Finding the accurate balance between professional, talent, know-how and requirement, company culture & values, business objectives can be harder than it appears. With our consultative approach and industry-focused expertise we offer our customers with comprehensive range of HR & mobility services helping them in finding the relevant talent and mobility aid within the given timeline. Infinium Associates is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service to our massive array of clients ranging from SME’s, Conglomerates, startups and MNCs across the domains like Oil & Gas, Mining, Paper, FMCG, Education, Healthcare, Automobiles, Finance and public entities. Our customers rely on us for the essential services:

Executive and Board Search

We search leaders who build winning businesses. As a reputed Executive Search Firm we partner with organizations globally to fill senior level executive positions like board members, directors, presidents and other leadership based positions mainly CEOs, CFOs, CTOs. We work with clients for this service on an exclusive basis so as to ensure appropriate presentation and positioning of clients brand and maintain highest level of confidentiality.

It is an exclusively crafted niche placement service designed keeping in mind confidentiality and attention these profiles would require. Infinium Associates works in partnership with clients to ensure that we exhaustively understand the organization structure, business model, future plans and work culture before finding out most apt leaders who would be responsible for spearheading the growth of organization through stiff world-wide competition.

Blue Collared Hirings

The whole process of recruiting suitable candidates for the required job profiles is fraught with various bottlenecks. A slight error of judgement can spell doom for a talented individual’s career or lead to significant losses for businesses. This is where our years of experience as a leading Manpower Solutions provider comes to the fore.

Skill Upgradation

The 21st century is characterized by the frenetic pace of change. The rapid advancement of technology has, however, created a paradox: Every skill is rendered out-of-date within a short period of time. Unless a successful performer keeps in constant touch with changing methodologies, his/her competence even at the present job stands to be eroded.

To cater to this ever changing demand for skills Infinium Associates has an in-house training & testing centre helping Spread employability skills by bringing together everything that an employer would desire in terms of Trade testing, Certification and an Interview/assessment Centre in one place.


Mobilisation requirements can range from securing a single visa or may involve moving hundreds of workers to multiple countries with complex immigration regulations. Whatever is needed, Infinium’s Mobilization specialists can help organisation’s with the Visa compliance, logistical and assignment requirements that needs to be considered to guarantee that personnel’s arrive safely and compliantly to the employment location.