The 21st century is characterized by the frenetic pace of change. The rapid advancement of technology has, however, created a paradox: Every skill is rendered out-of-date within a short period of time. Unless a successful performer keeps in constant touch with changing methodologies, his/her competence even at the present job stands to be eroded. To cater to this ever changing demand for skills Infinium Associates has an in-house training & testing centre helping Spread employability skills by bringing together everything that an employer would desire in terms of Trade testing, Certification and an Interview/assessment Centre in one place. The centre is backed with long standing affiliations with trade and industry bodies which are instrumental in implementing skill enhancement programs catering to the Technical, Skilled to Semi-Skilled level requirements of organizations in the MENA region. These programs are based on global standards and are run by technical experts who are stalwarts in their respective fields. Infinium Associates actively renders regular custom-made programs in diverse fields like Manufacturing, Maintenance, Oil & Gas ,Mechanical Works, Construction, Facilities, Automobile & Hospitality. We are also blessed with the patronage of a vast clientele from MENA who rely on us for their testing and skill assessment requirements for their recruiting campaigns, who will certainly vouch for our quality.