Skill Enhancement

The 21st century is characterized by the frenetic pace of change. The fast advancement of technology has, however, created a paradox: Every skill is rendered out-of-date within a short time. Unless a successful performer keeps in constant touch with changing methodologies, his competence even at the present job stands to be eroded. To cater to this ever changing demand for skills Infinium Associates has an in-house training centre backed with long standing affiliations with trade and industry associations which are instrumental in implementing skill enhancement programs at levels ranging from executives to the lowest labour. These programs are based on international standards and are run by   faculties who are stalwarts in their respective fields. Infinium Associates actively  renders regular custom-made programs in diverse fields like Manufacturing, Maintenance ,Oil & Gas , Engineering, other skills like welding,plumbing,fabrication,driving,carpentory,driving,electricals-(House & Commercial)etc.


All in all, skill upgrade is an initiative which we focus on to attract better career prospects in the favor of aspirants.